Though commercial food production in cities sounds surprising, it has the power to deliver a clutch of impacts: fresh, sustainable food, but also jobs and opportunities, health, new social bonds, and an urban landscape of hope and productivity. This is food that's growing places.


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It’s time for change. Our cities, once symbols of the future and opportunity, are now too detrimental to too many. But with urban agriculture, we can help turn the tide.

Bea with carrots


Fresh and fabulous.

Food, glorious food! This is the stuff of Urbivore. High quality vegetables, fruit, herbs and eggs direct from the farm, at a fair price.


Have you got attitude?

Character. Personality. Grit. Mettle. Whatever you call it, you will need to have it in spades to take up a prestigious Apprenticeship with Urbivore.

Join us

Growing at Parkhall takes place on the greens of the former golf course, among 67 acres of mature wood and heathland.

Everyone is welcome at Urbivore. Take a look around. Then register your interest. We’ll be in touch when we launch.


Urbivore is a new social venture and charity which uses urban agriculture as a tool for economic and social development in the UK’s most deprived communities.

We work with a model that you can think of as a social market garden. Market gardening on a commercial scale is the bedrock. Behaviour change programmes ensure those most in need benefit from healthful fresh food and opportunities for personal change…

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The case for appropriate jobs

Everyone’s an expert on the nation’s quarterly reporting these days. And when the airwaves fill with data on the latest output and jobs figures, you can be sure calls for greater investment in high value, ‘knowledge economy’ businesses will soon follow. But high value to who? In the communities Urbivore works with, there are two problems with over-extending strategies to create jobs that are largely intellectual. The first is access. Places like Stoke suffer very low skills levels... 

Know your onions

Urbivore holds Open House 3-5pm, Thursday 30 August 2012 Reception, EPIC Housing, 131-141 Ubberley Road, Bentilee, ST2 OEF (next to the old working men’s club) After 18mths of developing our ideas and plans with local residents, we’re ready to show you how market gardening could work on the greens of the old golf course at Parkhall Country Park and how you could get involved. Open House is a drop-in meeting, so come by for as little or as long as you like to examine the plans, ask questions,...